Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 42 - Blue bike

I walk past this bike on the way to work. I like the color and the whitewall wheels. I decided to play with color channels and isolated the blue.

Stupid fact: When I first learned to ride a bike I threw training wheels to the wind and drove a real bike. I think it had a banana seat. Unfortunately, I was only allowed to ride in the ditch. I must have looked really stupid biking around the neighborhood ditches. I was happy though. To this day I still think of the ditch as a bike lane.


  1. This blue bike makes me happy.

  2. HA!
    i still haven't figured out how to isolate colors or make clone pics. i've had a fantastic idea for a clone pic for over 3 yrs now and even have the pics, all attempts have failed. think i need to download some add on for paint.net or it won't work. will do it one of these days. i'd love to take a photoshop class.