Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 36 - Common concert aftermath

I had a walk through the Halifax Common for the first time since the Kiss concert that occurred over the weekend. As expected it was a muddy mess. Who knows how long the Common will be out of commission.

There is ongoing debate about usage of the park and direct taxpayer subsidy to run these concerts. As much as I love music I do not personally think this venue, Canada's oldest public urban park, is practical as a long term solution for concert venues. It is just too disruptive to the ongoing, uninterrupted use of the venue through very short summer months. Yes I realize it has economic spinoffs, but I don't think it is worth the mess of ruining a park for weeks on end just to bring aging geezers to the city to rock out for a day.

Just my two cents. Rant over. Now if U2 were to play.....


  1. The exact same debate is held every time anyhting goes on at Citadel Hill too, but then years where we get no shows and no attracions, people complain about that too. Most of the problems this year have been caused by excessive amounts of rain leading up to and during the big shows. I look at it this way: yes, these shows disrupt the usage of the park. But when you consider that the alternative is to pave over them and throw in yet another arena/stadium/parking lot, it's much preferable to have things a bit muddy. At least nature can still take its course if we leave the parks as parks and use them for public events. In my opinion anyway :)

  2. Thanks for commenting Jen. While I do think we need an outdoor convert venue I do not think it should be the Common. Just my two cents though. I appreciate your thoughts.