Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 16 - To theme or not to theme?

I am struggling with the decision about whether to continue doing a weekly theme. On the one hand the theme concept seems to be popular. It is fun hearing suggestions from everyone about topics, themes and ideas for interpretation each week. Getting people involved in my project will undoubtedly keep me motivated, more so than passive picture posting. It also gives me focus for the week, which narrows the range of topics. It is sort of like going to the mall at Christmas time with a specific list rather than wandering aimlessly from store to store looking for that perfect gift.

The downside? Well, themes can be limiting. I have captured some excellent images that I ended up not posting because they did not meet the theme for that week. Second: themes can be hard! As one of my Twitter followers said, it is difficult enough taking a picture every day for a year, but fitting it into a theme each week is just crazy!

So I am still undecided. If I do continue a weekly theme this week I was planning on doing 'things that make you go OOF." OOF is 'Out Of Focus' shooting. I often shoot with a shallow depth of field, intentionally throwing most of the image out of focus. I have always enjoyed this type of photography and this comprises a large percentage of my pics anyway, so perhaps it won't be too difficult and will allow me some time to decide.

The pic posted here is a fence near my work. I narrowed my focal point to a few inches and added serious vignetting in Aperture to add a moody effect. Kinda matches my cloudy weather mood of the past week. I need some sun soon!


  1. Why does that fence look so familar?

    Oh, and instead of doing a theme every week, maybe do a weekly theme once a month. That way, you won't run out of themes so quickly. :)

  2. Great idea April. I like it. Good compromise.

  3. I agree with April, maybe a theme once a month. Or twice if you're so inclined. I mean, I see both the pros and cons of having a theme. I do have to say I'm so impressed with your pics as of yet... today's is just gorgeous.

  4. i say no to themes. it's too hard to find time and it is limiting. go with the flow and capture what you see.

    wicked shot!

  5. Since I am on vacation next week I am going to go with the flow. 'Cause that's what you're supposed to do while on vacation. From there we'll see. Thanks everyone.

  6. Having been down this road....the less restricted you are, the easier it will be to complete. It's early days still; some days will be harder than others but having a theme will be almost impossible some days when all you're trying to do is find the time to take ANY picture, let alone a themed picture. How are you finding it so far?
    I love your photos!