Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 30 - Tall Ships day 1

The Tall Ships are here! The Tall Ships are here! This is the biggest Tall Ships gathering since 2000. Bring on the madness of tourists wandering the waterfront. I suggest early morning viewings to beat the crowds. I had a quick run down after work, enough time to grab a quick snap, but did not have time to stroll the entire length of the waterfront. I will likely get down early tomorrow morning to explore a bit more. Hopefully the gray skies will lift.

Fun fact: I have fond memories of the 2000 Tall Ships: it was the year I met my wife Leah, the year I bought my first camera and the year my niece Lauren was born. A pretty darned good year.


  1. We also met at Tall Ships! Cheers to bromance!

  2. I remember that year well, Bradley. A good one indeed!

  3. the ships are so romantic. brings out the pirate in me.