Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 8 - Immortality

This week I decided on the theme 'Things that Money Can't Buy.' Each day I will pick a different 'theme within the theme'. Today I tackled "Immortality". I find myself thinking about mortality more as I get older. Although our bodies and minds obviously do not last forever we live on through our legacies, families, art, literature, music and stories told by others.

I find it interesting at funerals to look around and see: a) how many people are there; and b) what are people saying about the person. It is always obvious to me at funerals that it is not material things that matter to the human soul. Our life possessions, acquisitions, all the 'stuff' that we work so hard to save up through our lives, these material things don't matter at all in the end. How we will be remembered depends on our actions, how we treat people, the number of people we touch and inspire, the degree to which we impact positively on others. These are the things that will matter in the end, not money.

To explore this theme I dropped into the Camphill cemetery. I wanted to pick an image that represented mortality and a gravestone seemed appropriate. It was a foggy morning on the way to work, and I got some interesting shots (see my entire set here). I landed on this particular image because I've never seen a gravestone that has a hole in the top.

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  1. well said Brad, so true, I love the picture....I think the same way you do as I get older...I am thinking when will I go, is my day today...can't beleive I think about it as much as I do....but after mom got sick it really hit home that they will not always be here so appreciate each and every moment....we are lucky to have today....