Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 354 - Gran Via, Madrid

For the last leg of our trip we flew to Madrid, Spain's largest city and capital. After coming from small villages in Mallorca (i.e. Deia had 850 residents) the hustle and bustle of this city of 3.5 million took some acclimatizing. But it was well worth it, we loved this city, which has much to offer in terms of sights, shopping, eating and drinking.

We stayed in a hostal on a side street just off Gran Via, one of the main streets running through the downtown. Sometimes referred to as the broadway of Spain, Grain Via has theaters, plenty of shopping and is the main route through the downtown. The main feature is the architecture, which showcases an incredible array of 20th century architecture. Walking down this magnificent street for the first time is a jaw dropping experience.

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