Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 339 - The Boqueria Market

The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria (aka La Bouqueria), is a popular market in central Barcelona. With an entrance directly off the popular Las Ramblas street, an excellent selection of every food imaginable and a vibrant atmosphere, the Boqueria Market is a 'must see' when visiting Barcelona.

La Bouqueria is by far the largest and busiest markets I have seen. The market is huge, a labyrynth of endless food displays. The selection is fantastic, you can find everything - fruits, vegetables, meats (hanging ham!), fish, nuts, candies, chocolates, wines, coffee, basically everything you can imagine is on display.

The selection of fish in the market was also excellant. There were the familiar selections - Salmon, Prawns, Lobster, Herring, Cod, but also a variety of fish that I did not even recognize. All very fresh.

We couldn't resist buying a couple fruit juices, which we had cravings for every day thereafter while staying in Barcelona.

Despite the size and the hectic crowds the market is very well organized. What struck me the most was how colourful it was, especially in the area of the fruit and vegetable displays. Every single piece of fruit or vegetable seemed strategically placed in a way to make you drool and want to buy something.

There are many stalls selling tapas of authentic Catalin dishes from fresh local ingredients. We felt like a coffee so we decided to kick back and enjoy a cafe con leche (made with strong coffee or espresso with equal parts scalded milk added). The quality of the coffee in Spain is excellent.

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