Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 349 - Deià

Deià is a coastal village on the northwest side of Mallorca, nestled in the Tramuntana mountains. The village is known for its idyllic landscapes, olive groves and nearby cove. The beauty of the landscape, and the relaxed vibe of the village, has made Deia a popular place that has inspired many writers, poets and musicians over the years.

We only stayed here for a day, but it was certainly one of our trip highlights. Although the town, traditionally dedicated to agriculture and fishing, has increasingly become a tourist destination, it has not lost its simple charms.

Deia has a small accommodation choice. We stayed at the Hostal Miramar, a 19th century farmhouse converted into a guesthouse. The simple yet tranquil pensión style hostal is set in in a lush jungle-like setting, high above Deià. Sitting on the terrace, sipping wine, listening to the sounds of the birds and water, inhaling the smells of fresh flowers, admiring the view of the village below as the sun broke through the clouds, was a moment we'll always treasure.

Deià also has a nice but small selection of bars and restaurants, mostly in the middle of the town. A stroll down the hillside brought us to a funky fusion style sushi restaurant (cannot recall the name). We passed on sushi and went with the chef's suggestions. Best sea bass and home made gnocchi ever.

The next day we drove down to the 'Cala de Deia', the cove where fishermen still go out at dawn to cast their nets, and locals go to swim during the day. We ate at the restaurant Can March (above the rocks left in the picture), where we had another delicious meal of fresh fish caught by the fishermen of the cove.

We quite enjoyed Deià, easily a trip highlight. Any visit to Mallorca would be incomplete without a stay in this lovely village.

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