Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 80: Search for the perfect espresso - Java Factory

Today I received an espresso suggestion from twitter follower @anne1942. She suggested the Java Factory, 1113 Marginal Road (Pier 21 next to Garrison Brewing). The Java Factory is a gourmet coffee roaster with good quality beans, a nice cafe and a friendly helpful staff. I work close so went down for lunch. Their Mayan Chipotle panini is to die for.

While they made my sandwich I had a great chat with Roaster Louis Zwicker. He showed me their antique Turkish slow roaster (pictured) and told me a few things about the Indian beans they use for their espresso. Of all the bean producing countries India is not top of mind as being an obvious choice of high quality. In fact, India produces exceptionally high quality, unique tasting beans.

For their espresso they use a unique blend of highly-praised Monsooned Malabar and Mysore Gold Nugget beans (gotta love these names). The resulting blend is called Dos Pequenos Indios. The blend is aromatic, medium bodied, rich yet velvety smooth with low acidity. I noted loads of zesty spice and just a hint of damp earth. An excellent blend of two very good beans.

According to Jouis the blend is not only unique but very versatile; it is good both as an espresso or when combining with milk.

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