Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 272 - Lite-Brite

A discussion about Lite-Brite over dinner last Friday night sent me on a search for a photo of the original classic toy. As a kid I loved 'painting' scenes using the light shining through the coloured pegs. A quick shout out for help in locating a unit was responded to by my coworker Maureen. Her toy was in excellent condition. Best of all there were lots of patterns from which to choose. Being good Bluenosers we decided on the sail boat pattern and followed the original colour palette recommendation. For artistic effect I cropped it square and added a slight tilt to the horizon to simulate motion.

Fun fact: The current record holder for largest lite-brite is held by San Diego-based advertising agency, VitroRobertson. It was used in a promotional campaign for their client ASICS using 347,004 pegs.


  1. Vitroroberston did not make this Lite-Brite, in fact they owe big bucks to the artist they screwed out of actually making this for them.

  2. The artist is Lori Kanary. She is based in Denver and is well known for engineering the first Giant Lite-Brite and setting the first Guinness Record for this category. She made the Lite-Brite along with her studio assistants for ASICS "hired" through Vitroroberston from San Diego. All info on the net on how to build one of these things is due to her.