Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 240 - Wanted: Good Greek Wine

Thursday night I attended a wine and food tasting at Opa, hosted by Costa Elles. The event came about as a result of a discussion on twitter debating the quality and value of Greece wines. It is somewhat odd that Greece, with its rich cultural heritage involving food, does not have the greatest track record producing high quality wines.

Personally, my experience judging Greek wine quality was unfairly tainted by my experience buying cooked vinegar from this fellow:

Twitterer Brewnoser took the reigns and challenged Costa to settle the matter by serving up some of his favourites to several local wine geeks. We were happy to find some interesting, high quality wines during the tasting. The whites in particular had tons of personality and character. The Estate Argyros Santorini was one of the favourites at our end of the table. The high acidity gave way to good crispness and the overall structure was pleasing.

The food was also delicious, particularly the lamb. Thanks to Brewnoser for the invite and Costa for hosting.


  1. Oooh lovely shots, Brad! Thanks for the writeup.

  2. My pleasure. Thanks for the debate!