Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 182 - Lifesavers

The Lifesavers Storybook has always been a popular candy treat at Christmas time. My favourite growing up was the rum and butter flavour (hmm...). I would devour the entire book on Christmas day, even the crappy Pep-O-Mints, then run around the house like a maniac. Good times! All I could find today was a crappy 'funbook', which don't have the same cool storybook presentation or variety of flavours. Boo-urns!


  1. Yummy. My favourite flavour was all of them.

  2. They don't make those storybooks like they used to. They were my favorite stocking stuffer growing up. With all the different flavors. mmm pepomint and wintergreen. <3. Now it's 10 rolls of assorted. Bah Humbug.