Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 68 - Two favourite red wines

As Bill rolls through I am not feeling particularly adventurous; I have no interest in venturing out to watch the action. I am content listening to the wind and rain from the comfort of home. So my photo of the day will be a boring indoor shot.

I thought I'd share me and Leah's current favorite 'house wines,' i.e. good wines in the sub $16 price range that we've been buying lately to have on hand for BBQs and impromptu guests dropping over. In our household these two wines have competed for top spot in the red wine category this summer. Surprisingly, both are from the US.

My favourite value this summer is Sterling's Vintner's Collection Cabernet Sauvignion. This Cab Sauv is a wonderful, elegant red that has been on sale all summer at NSLC outlets for $15 (normally $21 bones or so). This wine is nicely balanced with dark fruit and a full but soft texture. It is not over oaked. The styling is more subtle than the big, over the top 'fruit bombs' common in new world cab sauvs. It has been a constant companion for me when grilling meats on the BBQ this summer.

Our other favourite is the Hogue's Cabernet-Merlot (blended 55% Cab Sauv 45% Merlot), made by Hogue winery in Washington State. Their 2003 is a well structured red showing fresh fruit, a hint of oak and a dash of spice. The tannins are smooth. The wine shows tons of personalty and is a standard 'go to' wine in our household.

Unfortunately, the Hogue is being discontinued by NSLC and is currently sitting in the discount section in the larger outlets for $12. Do yourself a favour and go buy a case while it lasts.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. PS - I just noticed the bottles pictured are empty! Lol. Good sign :-)